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Happy 1st Birthday to My GrandPuppies!!!

Duchess of Heidelburg Puppies

- Born October 12, 2008
   Tucker at 6 Weeks   Tucker
Tucker Backpacking

Tucker Tucker
Tucker Tucker

HandsomeBirthdayTucker_267x200.jpgTucker 1st Birthday
I took Tucker to the Vet yesterday morning, and he is one amazing and healthy pup.  The vet was very nice and we talked a lot about my plans for training and raising him and she was very happy with them.  He is so smart, knows the words, potty, sit, come, stay.  I am so extremely blessed having brought him into my life.  Thank you again so much.
He is so handsome! He is wearing a hiking backpack to keep his ball, water, snacks etc in.  I have tons of pics, I'll keep sending them.
Tucker is doing great!  He has been experiencing the world all over california.  We've been to the snow, the river, San Francisco and the beach.  He is doing very well and growing so fast!!!  He's 50 lbs at just 5 months.  I am including a few pictures as well for you to see him loving life!  Thank you for bringing him to me, he's an amazing little man.
Sincerely, Jesse Manton
Handsome Birthday Boy!!!
Jesse Manton, Carmichael, CA

Bella - Born October 12, 2008
Lime Green Girl


Hello! Bella is still high energy, very playful, but just a little more curious about what is going on around her! Loves smelling things more intently now and she has been marking her territory a lot more now since we discovered there is a chocolate lab male wondering around at night marking up the lawn and sniffing Bella! She has gotten so big! Around 65 lbs now and eating more and more everday, getting very bulked up! Hope all is well with you and your family!! I love checking out your website now and again!
I also forgot to add that she loves sitting in the bathtub in the morning watching me do my morning routine for work! She's done it ever since she was big enough to jump in the tub! A very cute little quirk of hers!!   
- the pictures had captions on my computer but when i sent them to you they didn't tranfer over! They are her first encounter with lobsters, her fourth of july collar before the parade, sitting in the tub watching me do my makeup, sitting in "her" pink chair in the living room and playing fetch with dad at the school behind our house!  
Thanks,  Brooke and Doyle
Bella is a wonderful puppy! She is full of energy and loves being outside in any weather! She needs very little sleep no matter how hard she plays, she loves being the center of attention and always needs to be around someone! She enjoys the company of all other animals and doesn't quite understand when they don't want to play with her! She is definetely her daddy's little girl-dog and comes at his every word! She cuddles only when she wants to and has found that her favorite spot to sleep in the house is on our pillows whether we are using them or not! She loves her "Grammie Brenda" homemade braided towel chewies and loves whipping them into peoples legs! Bella is a wonderful frisbee catcher and could jump in the air all day long!! She has been a wonderful addition to our family and we are so thankful that we found her and her wonderful Southern family!!
"Hey! I wouldn't mind at all if you use the pictures or emails, I was wondering if you would! And I wouldn't mind speaking to anyone interested in buying a puppy, I would be delighted!"  
"Hello! Bella is honestly the best parts of my day and i think it's one of the best decisions of my life to get her! She is so smart and full of energy and life and she keeps me going everyday. I'll attach some new pictures of her! She's getting so big i can't believe it! Losing a lot of teeth and is getting super antsy because of all the snow melting and we are getting outside a lot more then we have been. Yesterday she went swimming in the ocean, she loves the water, and then took a long nap, she likes to lay in the sun and will follow it from room to room as the hours pass! Doyle and I have been talking and in the next couple of years if you are still breeding these beautiful dogs we would love to purchase another one so Bella could have a family friend!! Hope to hear from you!"

King Saber Ray - Born October 12, 2008

King Saber  SaberDecember%202008%20036_150x200.jpg  
King Saber  King Saber
King Saber King Saber

Saber is still doing great and we are steadily growing more and more attached to him.  He is developing a loving personality and he is very smart.

Saber is doing great, and we are all enjoying him.  He went to the vet. last week and of course all was well.  He is also officially registered.
Thanks again for all you did to make Christmas special for our kids!

                Jonathan Ray, Poplarville, Mississippi

   Rinny - Born October 12, 2008
Rinney RinneyArrives_151x200.jpg
Rinny meets Grandpa
Rinny Rinny

Rinny Graduates Rinny Graduates 
     She weighs 65.3 lbs. now and is so energetic it is amazing.  The training has really taken hold. She almost always responds immediately to come and sit. She loves to fetch and drag big sticks around.  She sleeps in a kennel by my bed and has not had an accident in the house in months- totally house trained. She's really, really smart, but is also eager to please and sweet, sweet, sweet. She has exhibited protective behavior of me, however, and I'm still hoping that she will be a good security dog. She is not afraid of thunder, machinery, or people. When I came in the house the other night with a big armful of clothes and she didn't recognize me, she actually barked! She's not much of a barker usually. Her very presence is security enough... she is impressive.     Here are a couple of silly pictures. I took some really superb ones today but my chip reader isn't reading. These are about 3 weeks old so she is even BIGGER now. She weighed 48.5 lbs. when she went to get her final puppy shots and her microchip. She has competed the first set of puppy classes and did very well. She knows (and usually does) come, sit, sit stay, down, down stay, off, leave it, leave her (for Lelu and the cats), drop it, take it and wait (before she goes out the door). The instructor was effusive in her praise of our little lady... actually her nickname is Devil Dog! She has gotten big enough to put her paws on the kitchen counter. I lost a whole meal of stuffed bell peppers to her (dish included). We were lucky that the glass didn't cut her. She still terrorizes my mother's cats. She and my cat have arrived at detent with occasional barks and hisses to make life interesting. She loves to carry my clothes and shoes all over the house, but hasn't chewed anything but dog toys and rawhides. 
     When she had to stay in the utility room for 7 hours while my husband had hip replacement surgery, I expected pee and poop; had paper by the door. Not. She peed for 5 minutes as soon as she got outside. I was amazed. However, the room was a disaster anyway because she had relieved her boredom by getting into my worm bin and there was dirt and worms EVERYWHERE. She is definitely a high energy dog. I take her on long rambling walks through the brush. She runs and runs and runs. She is so graceful and elegant. Her temperment is very good, too. She is friendly and loving, sometimes too energetic in her friendliness (!) but she is learning not to jump all over people. As you can see by the pictures, I decided to let her get on the furniture. It didn't seem fair since the other dogs get to... and I like to snuggle with her when I watch TV. She is not allowed on the bed, though, and still sleeps in the crate at night. 
     She is definitely my dog but she likes Toby, too, and recognizes his authority. He says that she looks for me when I am gone and he is here. She knows when it is me coming in goes to the door. I adore this dog.  Love, Elizabeth
       Happy Mother's Day from Rinny the puppy class graduate. Love, Elizabeth
She loves to bite at the water when it is splashed up.
She also loves to chase sticks in the water. We call it her "inner Lab". 
She is quite an athlete. I may do agility training with her or flyball.
Elizabeth Muller, Edmond, OK

Gunnar - Born October 12, 2008
Gunnar meets Family Gunnar meets Family Gunnar and Family
Gunnar  Gunnar  Gunnar
Gunnar Gunnar Gunnar

Gunnar Gunnar Gunnar

He's doing great, seems to have aclimated to our family just fine. He is SO smart, he already does sit on command and he knows when he comes in from potty or play to sit so we can wipe his paws. He has great prey drive and really is ALOT of fun. We totally spoil him too! He's got toys up the kazoo and is so excited when someone "new" comes home, either the kids or Carlos. He spends all day with me so when they come home he's all excited with his tail wagging and butt shaking, it's pretty funny  Merry Christmas to you and the family!
Kim and the rest of our crew.
He's 10 months now and seems to be doing good and healthy.. He's about 85 pounds and is a strong, VERY smart boy. We are very happy with him and are so glad he is part of our brood.

Carlos Tabarini, Discovery Bay, CA

Bishop - Born October 12, 2008

Bishop and my family wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Bishop is tired of running around and playing so he decided to stay still for awhile.  Here is a picture of him.  He is so handsome. We also got him a companion and he loves her so much that wherever she goes he follows.  
Caroline Fuentes

He now knows how to come and sit and knows how to walk on a leash. He is my baby (big baby that is). He also is showing us how protective he is of us and our property. Harlo is so different from him he is so special and she is as well.  I will keep you updated. 

Hello Ophelia,  Just wanted to give you an update on Bishop he is doing great as you can see. He was running a lot that is why he has his tongue like that.  He is very well built and is still very lovable towards others but he is also very protective of us. My husband and I can feel the love he has for us. We are so lucky to have found him. Thank you.  Carol.
Caroline Fuentes, Edinburg, TX

Saphira - Born October 12, 2008
Saphira SaphiraGoesHomeCIMG2770_267x200.jpg
More Beautiful Pictures Coming, I just have to scan them in!!!
Hope you like the picture of Saphira. I love taking pictures of her but she doesn't. If she knows what I'm doing she acks up as you can see. She is beauful we love her sooooooooo much. You know what I mean, you love your dogs like we do ....She has my heart and I have hers!!! Your friend, Susan
Susan Engle, Stigler, OK 

Niko - Born October 12, 2008
Niko Niko
Nikoat3Months Nikoat3Months  Nikoat9Months Nikoat9Months
He really is a great dog and very smart.  He's not very light unless you consider 85 lbs light.  He loves people and loves attention.  I think he knows how beautiful he is.  
These pics (the first few) were taken either in Dec or Jan
I'll send you some more pictures soon! (the last four are at 8 or 9 months)
Joseph and Nancy Henderson, Ridgeland, MS

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